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DOHA Personnel Security Clearance information

The Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals' (DOHA) Administrative Judges adjudicate the

personnel security clearances of many employees in industry each month. These are referred to by

the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA) as industrial security clearance cases.

Not all industrial security clearance cases make it all the way to DOHA's Administrative Judges in

the Hearing Office, but those that do result in written decisions. Gathering and analyzing these written

decisions' information can provide a good deal of insight into the adjudication of these security

clearance cases and the trends behind them.

When an applicant for a personnel security clearance is informed that their case has been referred to

the Defense Office of Hearings & Appeals (DOHA), they will likely want to see the statistics

involved in this process. We gathered the data from the 97 written decisions issued by DOHA

Administrative Judges and 2 by the Appeal Board in the month of June 2012. Our reports on these

industrial security clearance cases provide insights that applicants for security clearances would

likely find useful when deciding how to handle their own cases. We have created reports on attorneys

who represented applicants before DOHA Administrative Judges as well as reports on the adjudicative

guidelines in security clearance cases, which are available for purchase.


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