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About JPAS Portal

JPAS Portal is provided by Secure Defense Consulting® Incorporated to educate users of the Joint

Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS).

To put it simply, you can think of JPAS as a secure online database of individuals' U.S. security

clearances. In the past, individuals' security clearances were held by their employers, and not shared

with other organizations. That arrangement was complicated and made for long lead times to verify or

transfer clearances. With the advent of JPAS, individuals' security clearances (a.k.a. personnel security

clearances) are held in a secure repository, available to authorized users within and outside of the

individuals' employer via the Internet. Though this has made it easier and quicker to activate, process,

verify, and otherwise work with personnel security clearances, it has also led to some misunderstandings

and questionable practices.

There is guidance and training available to assist users of JPAS and its subsystem JCAVS (Joint

Clearance and Access Verification System). Please see our Training and Help & Support pages for

these resources.


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