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June 2012 Adjudicative

Guidelines in DOHA cases

report. In PDF format.


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DOHA Security Clearance adjudication reports

Administrative judges of the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA) adjudicate many

persons' security clearance cases each month. There are 13 adjudicative guidelines they use to

determine whether to grant or deny a security clearance. When DOHA initially concludes that it is

not clearly in the interest of national security to grant an applicant a security clearance, DOHA sends

the applicant a Statement of Reasons. The Statement of Reasons lists the reasons DOHA is declining to

grant the security clearance and the specific adjudicative guidelines that apply to those reasons.

When security clearance applicants receive such Statements of Reasons specifying the adjudicative

guidelines pertinent to their individual cases, they should take that not as a sign to give up but rather to

educate themselves in these matters. If they have not already done so, we recommend that they review

the mitigating conditions listed under each adjudicative guideline that pertains to their case. The

mitigating conditions under each security clearance adjudicative guideline follow the wording

"Conditions that could mitigate security concerns include..." If any of the mitigating conditions apply to

their case, then the security clearance applicant should point that out when making their case to

DOHA. This is something that a competent security clearance attorney would advise you to do. (We

offer reports on DOHA security clearance attorneys.)

We gathered and analyzed the data from the 97 industrial security clearance written decisions issued

by DOHA administrative judges and 2 by the Appeal Board in the month of June 2012. This data

included the specific adjudicative guidelines involved in each industrial security clearance case. We

offer the below report, which charts and explains the percentages of security clearances granted

according to the number of adjudicative guidelines involved in the applicants' cases. It also shows how

many cases involved only one adjudicative guideline, how many involved two, etc. You will be taken to

PayPal's secure Web site to pay for this adjudicative guidelines in DOHA cases report. Once your

payment clears, our adjudicative guidelines in DOHA cases report will be e-mailed to you within

48 hours.


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information, training, procedures, and resources.