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DOHA Security Clearance Attorneys/Lawyers

When an applicant for a personnel security clearance learns that their case will be adjudicated by

the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA), they may consider hiring an attorney/

lawyer to represent them. An applicant whose security clearance will be granted or denied by an

administrative judge of DOHA has the option of requesting a hearing, or they may request that their case

be decided on the record. Since their career and livelihood may be affected by their ability to obtain a

security clearance, such applicants may opt to hire an attorney/lawyer. But, of course, most

attorneys/lawyers have no familiarity with security clearances, much less with DOHA.

Logically, applicants whose security clearances will be adjudicated by DOHA may have questions

such as:

• What attorneys/lawyers have experience representing applicants for security clearances?

• How often have other security clearance applicants used attorneys for their cases?

• What are the attorneys' success rates in such DOHA cases?

• How often do applicants gain security clearances when they represent themselves versus when they

use attorneys?

We gathered the data from the 97 industrial security clearance written decisions issued by DOHA

administrative judges and the 2 issued by the Appeal Board during the month of June 2012. (Industrial

security clearances are those issued to people working in industry rather than the government or

military.) From this data we created the following reports:

• The attorneys report, listing each of the attorneys and the number of cases they handled.

• The DOHA security clearance report, showing the percentage of clearances granted by DOHA

administrative judges to applicants who represented themselves versus those who used attorneys or

other representatives.

• The premium security clearance attorney report, including all of the charts and information from

the above two reports PLUS a chart showing the outcomes of cases according to the number of

adjudicative guidelines involved in the cases and whether the applicants represented themselves or used

a lawyer or other representative. You may be surprised by the statistics!

You will be taken to PayPal's secure Web site to pay for the report. Once your payment clears, the report

you purchased will be e-mailed to you within 48 hours.

You may also be interested in our other report that shows the outcomes of cases according to the number

of adjudicative guidelines involved in the cases.


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information, training, procedures, and resources.