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JPAS Help & Support Services

JPAS and its subsystem JCAVS can certainly be used effectively, however their Web site is certainly not

the most intuitive or user-friendly. It has a lot of various fields and links on each page, with plenty of

jargon and little explanation. One mistaken click or action could mean violating government regulations,

interfering with someone's access to classified information, or other serious consequences. As could be

expected, this situation has given rise to various entities and commercial Web sites offering to help

manage your JPAS account and your employees' security clearances for you.

Please be aware that although the Defense Manpower Data Center's JPAS Procedures for Cleared

Contractors (appendix A of the document) allow companies to grant JPAS accounts to subcontractors or

consultants, it requires those subcontractors to be "under the direct supervision" of the company. In

other words, if you have someone who is not an employee of your company manage your employees'

security clearances in JPAS, that person must access their account only at your facility. For them to

do that support work off your premises puts your company at risk of being cited for a violation by the

Defense Security Service (DSS). In its own words, the government states that, "Violations of the

procedures may lead DMDC to suspend or withdraw JPAS access, terminate the JPAS account, or

exclude culpable companies or persons from access to JPAS for a specified or indefinite period.  DSS will

also refer information concerning violations of these procedures to other federal agencies for

consideration of administrative, civil or criminal sanctions when circumstances warrant."


• Beware of service providers who offer to manage your employees' security clearances via JPAS while

off your premises.

• You can phone the Defense Manpower Data Center's Contact Center (essentially a help desk) at

(800) 467-5526 for free help and support in using JPAS. You can also e-mail them for help at

• You may contact us to discuss paid services we offer in compliance with the government's JPAS


• Make use of the free JPAS training resources described on our Training page.


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